Sacrifice Play is Fully Funded!

Congratulations to writer pal and publisher, Steven H. Wilson, on the success of his Kickstarter campaign to fund the publication and audio performance of his upcoming science fiction novel, Sacrifice Play: A Tale from the Arbiter Chronicles!

The novel will launch at Shore Leave 38 science fiction convention in July in Hunt Valley, MD.

Thank you to all who donated! Click here to read the update from Steve…

Sacrifice Play (Cover Image)

Con Recap: The Great Philadelphia Comic Con

I had the pleasure of attending The Great Philadelphia Comic Con as a writer guest for the past two days and I can honestly say that I will absolutely return next year.  The celebrity guests were fantastic, the convention was extremely organized and well-attended, the cosplayers were outstanding, and the table I shared with writer pal Joe Berenato was perfectly located.

Table Setup at Great Philly Comic Con Table Setup at Great Philly Comic Con

Over the years of attending conventions and book events, I’ve noticed that my sales are vasty better in venues where I have the opportunity to speak, whether in a discussion panel with other writers or presenting solo. The Great Philadelphia Comic Con proved to be an exception. Though I had no discussion panels or presentations, my sales far exceeded expectations.

Check out the images below. I was honored to meet actors Julian Glover, Glenn Morshower, and John Paragon. The cosplayers pictured here were only a fraction of the amazing characters in attendance. Enjoy!

Phil meets Julian Glover Phil meets Glenn Morshower Phil and Glenn Morshower get silly Phil meets John Paragon


Xena Wonder Woman Star Wars Characters Star Wars Characters Snake Eyes Serpentor Riddler Red Death Police Kylo Ren Joker GundamJedi Family & Superman  Flash Doctor Strange Cylon Batman AquaMan and the Pirates

Pirate Ship


Amazicon & A Day at Rehoboth Beach

Just spent a fantastic weekend with friends Steve and Renee Wilson at Amazicon in Wilmington, DE. We stayed at the convention on Friday evening through Saturday.

Since the con was slow and we weren’t moving books, we decided to pack it in Saturday evening and take off for a day in Rehoboth Beach on Sunday morning.  All told, it was a fun weekend!

Steve_Phil Renee_Amazicon2 Godzilla Robot2 Robot1 Jurassic Park Batmobile Ghostbusters Renee_Amazicon1 Han_Carbonite2 Han_CarboniteRehoboth6 Rehoboth5 Rehoboth4 Rehoboth3 Rehoboth2 Rehoboth1

Write Here, Write Now is Available!

The second annual anthology from the Greater Lehigh Valley Writers Group (GLVWG) is now available from Amazon!

WRITE HERE, WRITE NOW contains an eclectic and engaging selection of short stories, poems, and essays from members of the group. In these pages, you’ll find humor, inspiration, thrills, and chills from new and veteran writers alike.

It is currently available in trade paperback with the Kindle version forthcoming.

GLVWG is a non-profit organization that seeks to encourage writers at all levels and to connect readers in the community with great books. We appreciate your support!

Write Here Write Now Cover

Book Review: Rise of the Machines by Kristen Lamb

There was once a time when an author’s only true concern was producing the best quality manuscript.

Over the last decade, that has changed drastically with the advent of social media and blogging. Now, writers are expected to have a platform—including a strong online presence—well before their first book is published.

What’s more, unless you’re of the stature of Stephen King or J.K. Rowling, no longer can published authors simply sit back and let others do the work of promotion and marketing. These days, the onus is ON US.

Enter Kristen Lamb, social media Jedi and author of Rise of the Machines: Human Authors in a Digital World. I had the pleasure of hosting Kristen as the keynote at the 2015 Write Stuff writers conference in Allentown, PA where I purchased her book. I was curious to learn more about how to properly leverage social media and my blog to bolster my platform.

In her book, Kristen divides her lessons into five sections, providing a brief history of the publishing industry, the changes that have occurred (and are still occurring), and fascinating insights into human psychology and communication. She also explains why the traditional marketing methods are no longer effective today.

Before delving into specifics about social media sites, Kristen leads the reader through very focused chapters and sections about identifying your short term and long term goals, creating your writers platform, creating your brand, the types of friends and followers who will help writers with these efforts, and what it means to “go viral.”

With those concepts understood, we then delve into specifics about a few of the hottest social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. In addition to providing advice on how to manage your time and content, Kristen also offers tips on social media etiquette, how to avoid conflict and potentially sensitive topics, and handling internet “trolls” who insult and harass rather than politely disagreeing with something you post.

Along the way Kristen’s humor and anecdotes provide entertainment along with education that held my attention and prevented the material from becoming “dry”.

Although I have worked in the IT industry for over 20 years and have a solid grasp of technology, and although I am a published author who is active on social media, I came away from Kristen’s book with insights on how and where I need to improve my approach, especially to blogging.

I only wish I had known about Kristen before I published my first novel in 2009!



Sacrifice Play – A New Tale from Arbiter Chronicles!

Ladies and gents, if you enjoy science fiction and space opera, and you have not read or listened to Steven H. Wilson’s Arbiter Chronicles series, you are missing some of the best characters and stories in the genre. Here is your chance to get caught up.

Steven is releasing SACRIFICE PLAY, his third novel in a series of tales that spans 15 years and began as full cast audio dramas that have won both the Parsec and Mark Time Awards.

I had the honor of proofreading the manuscript for Sacrifice Play and it is a suspenseful adventure with outstanding characters. If you can spare three minutes, click here to let Steve Wilson tell you all about this latest installment of the Arbiter Chronicles in his Kickstarter.

Sacrifice Play (Cover Image)