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Our new speculative fiction anthology, Elsewhere in the Middle of Eternity will be released on August 1!

In eternity, all stories are timeless.

Visit a dystopian future where the wealthy reside on high-speed trains-or risk certain death…

Board a space station with a team of scientists as they discover a terrifying lifeform on a remote planet…

Join the Army Rangers as they confront the deadly aftermath of a mythical creature in the sands of the Middle East…

Travel to Ireland where an ancient artifact regenerates severed limbs while healing old family wounds…

Hit the beach with two teenagers as they track down the owner of a mysterious bracelet and find the true meaning of love…

Journey from Earth to the stars with your tour guides Daniel Patrick Corcoran, Michael Critzer, Phil Giunta, Melissa Carta Miller, Susanna Reilly, Stuart S. Roth, April Welles, Steven H. Wilson, and Lance Woods. Cover art by Michael Riehl.

All aboard as we take you Elsewhere in the Middle of Eternity!

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Elsewhere in the Middle of Eternity

Two Weeks Until Launch!

I believe I speak for our entire cadre of writers when I say that we cannot wait for the upcoming launch of our new speculative fiction anthology, Elsewhere in the Middle of Eternity!

The blessed event will occur during the Meet the Pros book fair at Shore Leave 38 in Hunt Valley, MD on Friday, July 15. Many of the august writers involved have been attending Shore Leave for decades before earning their place as writer guests.

THANK YOU to all who supported the Kickstarter to finance this second installment in our Middle of Eternity series! We hope everyone will enjoy this latest selection of stories from burgeoning writers in the genres of SF, Fantasy, and the Paranormal including Daniel Patrick Corcoran, Michael Critzer, Melissa Carta Miller, Susanna Reilly, Stuart Roth, April Welles, Steven H. Wilson, Lance Woods, and yours truly!

More updates to follow!

Elsewhere in the Middle of Eternity

All Aboard for a Train Ride Through Eternity!

Ladies and gentlemen! All aboard for a train ride through eternity with your tour guides Daniel Patrick Corcoran, Michael Critzer, Phil Giunta, Melissa Carta Miller, Susanna Reilly, Stuart Roth, April Nikita Welles, Steven H. Wilson, and Lance Woods.

The cover to our new speculative fiction anthology, Elsewhere in the Middle of Eternity, is finished and copies of the book will be available at Shore Leave 38 in July! Soon after, it will be available as a trade paperback and ebook from  Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes and Noble’s website, and a myriad of other online booksellers. Deepest thanks to Michael Riehl for his fantastic artwork and to Chris Winner for brilliant layout!

Publisher: Firebringer Press

Elsewhere in the Middle of Eternity

April Welles Brings Ancient Terror to the Middle of Eternity

The good news is that our Kickstarter campaign to bring you volume two of our Middle of Eternity anthology series has managed to raise nearly $1,200! However, we have only 11 days left to raise  the remaining $1,300 to meet our goal. Otherwise, the project will not be funded at all. If you’re considering whether to back our project, please click here to check out the various donation levels and the rewards we’re offering on Kickstarter.  We deeply appreciate your support!

Another newcomer to the Middle of Eternity series is April Welles. I met April in 2007 at the Wonderfest SF convention in Louisville, KY which is focused on the hobby of science fiction model kit building, something April and I share, although I readily admit that her kitbashing skills exceed my own. April Welles

It was not until perhaps two years ago when I crossed virtual paths with April on Facebook that I learned she was also a writer. I asked if I might read some of her work and was impressed with the stories she sent to me. So much so, that I invited her to join us for Elsewhere in the Middle of Eternity. Let’s chat with April a bit…

Welcome to your first plunge into the Middle of Eternity! We’re thrilled to have you with us. As with the first volume of this series, our writers once again bring us tales from across the galaxy, but also from around our own globe. Yours is the first to take place in the Middle East.

What was the inspiration behind “Terror in Agradeb”?

Honestly, the inspiration came about from a variety of things.

Many years ago when I first created the creature/monster/god Al-Penub-Shé. he came about as the masculine version of another being I created named Shadanu (from another story of mine, ‘The Horror of the Mist’, published a few years ago). They do not come from the same planet or dimension. But they are similar in that they are both gigantic, sentient cloud beings. She is acidic mist, while he is a sandstorm.

The next inspiration came from recent world events. Primarily the Media always telling the Western public that Middle Easterners, and all those of the Muslim faith, are insane terrorists.

Which is why I also made the comparison with American Christians.

Primarily, that not all are bad people. Just a small, very vocal, number of religious people are crazy fanatics who want to kill others who do not share their extreme beliefs.

The media has taken the small numbers and made them appear to be the dominant in the world. Regardless of facts in order to promote a story for ratings and fear.

That is all that those tales of extremists destroying the world is. A story. A fabrication; “You provide the pictures, I’ll provide the war.”

Most people around the world are kind, caring, generous people who just want to live in peace. Regardless of anyone’s spiritual or religious beliefs.

The media would have us believe the opposite.

My final inspiration was due to my frustration with misogyny. The idiotically pervasive belief that females are merely useless creatures, or at best, property. Not thinking, caring, powerful humans. Equals.

We are all human beings. Regardless of gender, pigment, orientation, or even spiritual or religious beliefs. We are all living beings and as such equal. Deserving of compassion and respect.

That is why, by the very end of the story, even the male lieutenant utilizing the spell to fight the terrorists loses. The beings are too powerful and unknown for either gender to control. Yet they both want to help and bring peace.

Where else have you been published? Do you have any writing projects underway?

I have been published in two titles of three other magazines. Which can be found on Amazon. The first are Fantasy Times Issue 1 and Fantasy Times Issue 2 (both of which I helped edit). The second title is Pure Fantasy and Sci-Fi Volume 2.

All three can be purchased from Amazon in Kindle format. Pure Fantasy and Sci-Fi Volume 2 can also be purchased in paperback.

I am in the process of a number of ideas. A few more Paraterrestrial Horror tales. Some being jotted down, and a few still playing around in my head.

My biggest problem is which one to start working on, and which ones to set aside for the moment. All are important to me, and would, hopefully, be enjoyed.

I am just not certain which to do. It’s a vicious circle.

Are there any genres outside of SF and horror that you would like to explore as a storyteller?

Yes. There are some floating around in sort of convoluted messages within my mind. One (or two) are Fantasy tales, and potentially one Steampunk.

I have most of the characters pretty well fleshed out as well as some scenes for the Fantasy written. But then I have a couple of other characters that seem to want to be a part of that world, yet they don’t completely belong in it as they have their own story. But they do, kind of, fit within the same realm.

I haven’t started much of it due to my fears of how the story will be received. The main protagonist is, what some readers consider, taboo and a freak, and would react very unfavorably. Yet many others might see the character, and some others, as special (or even regular) people fighting for themselves and their right to live and love.

As storytellers, we want to share thoughts and ideas with people as a means to allow them to open their minds and experience other ideas and realms. But we also want to be published in order to get those, and more, stories out to readers. Yet if a publisher or editor doesn’t like something about it they will tell the writer to make changes in order to make the tale more palatable and sell-able. But often that completely changes the meaning of the story.

Fortunately, that has not happened with the editors and publishers of Elsewhere in the Middle of Eternity and Pure Fantasy and Sci-Fi. They have been very open and receptive to my ideas. For which I say ‘Thank you’.

What does April Welles do when she isn’t writing?

I walk through nature in the Pacific Northwest.

Build science fiction models (most often Star Trek and Battlestar Galactica kitbashes).

Play ‘Skyrim’ on my Xbox 360.

Watch DVDs of movies, and some comedy series that I enjoy: Whose Line is it Anyway, The Red Green Show, The Big Bang Theory, Monty Python, and a few others.

Draw sometimes.


Overall, I dream.


EIME Title Page

Coming to You LIVE from the Middle of Eternity!

Ladies and gentlemen, I am proud to announce volume two of the Middle of Eternity anthology series that began in 2014 with Somewhere in the Middle of Eternity. The idea behind this project is to introduce new writers in the genres of science fiction, fantasy, and the paranormal.

Volume Two will be called Elsewhere in the Middle of Eternity and you can help us bring it to fruition. We have launched a Kickstarter to help fund the project and allow us to compensate the writers and artists and cover production costs.

This collection from Firebringer Press will bring you stories from Parsec and Mark Time award-winner Steven H. Wilson (publisher), Phil Giunta (editor), Daniel Patrick Corcoran, Michael Critzer, Melissa Carta Miller, Susanna Reilly, Stuart Roth, and Lance Woods.

Cover and interior art by Allentown artist, Michael Riehl.

Final book layout by Bethlehem artist, Christopher Winner.

Click here for more information, watch the video, and please consider supporting this small press publication. Thank you so much!


EIME Title Page

Return With Us to the Middle of Eternity!

May is here and that means our second voyage through the Middle of Eternity will soon begin! In 2014, I was proud to release Somewhere in the Middle of Eternity through Firebringer Press. I had pitched this collection of SF, Fantasy, and Paranormal tales as a way to introduce as-yet unpublished writers to the reading public.

We had an amazing book launch at Shore Leave 36 and the collection has since been well-received. So…we’re doing it again! Look for news about Elsewhere in the Middle of Eternity by the end of the week including a Kickstarter to help fund the book’s publication. We plan to launch the anthology at Shore Leave 38.

Returning from volume one are Daniel Patrick Corcoran, Michael Critzer, Susanna Reilly, Stuart Roth, Steven H. Wilson, Lance Woods, and myself as editor and contributor.

Joining us for the first time will be Melissa Carta Miller and April Welles.

Click here to check out our first volume on Amazon.

Click here for info on the Shore Leave SF convention.

Please spread the word and thank you for supporting indie and small press writers!

Somewhere in the Middle of Eternity