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A Marvelous Review from the Land Down Under!

I just happened across this recent Goodreads review for my novel By Your Side from a reader in Australia. It made my weekend!

Indy Fernandez rated it Five Stars – It was amazing

Shelves: read-2017
This book has chills, thrills, suspense and even light hearted humour. Will keep you engaged from start to finish, a very well written novel, I applaud the author Phil Giunta as the story is intriguing with characters that are portrayed with so vividly you are caught up in their nightmares.
By Your Side by Phil Giunta



Reviewing Your Favorite Books, Even When You’re “Not Very Good At Writing”

While many of my readers take the time to leave reviews for my books, others often compliment me in person, via Facebook, or email, but when I ask these particular readers to leave a review on Goodreads or Amazon, they express reluctance, stating that they’re “not very good at writing” or they assure me that they will leave a review and never follow through. 
Remember, you do not need to purchase a book from Amazon to leave a review for the book there.  Also, for those unfamiliar with Goodreads, it is a social media site for book lovers where you can rate and review books, create an online library of books you currently own and would like to read, and join groups of like-minded readers to discuss your favorite books. Best of all, it’s free to join!
The screen capture below shows two Amazon reviews for Beach Nights, a collection of short stories from Cat and Mouse Press that contains my paranormal tale, “Tower Sixteen”.  The book was published in October 2016. 
Note the second review from Early LBI. It’s one brief sentence: “Great group of short stories.” Five words. That’s the perfect example of a brief review you can leave for any book that you enjoyed even if you’re “not very good at writing.”
Ratings and reviews help authors immensely. As our volume of reviews and ratings increases, new promotional and writing opportunities open for us, new readers notice our work, and most importantly, reader feedback encourages writers by letting us know that our work is reaching and touching people. 
Thank you so much for your support! We deeply appreciate it. 

About This Writing Stuff…

This week, Kristen Lamb and John Gilstrap talk story synopses to attract agents while Cynthia Shannon offers tips to engage readers on Goodreads.

We blur the line between science and science fiction with Veronica Sicoe and Kate Gwynne, who respectively explore interstellar communication and storytelling through virtual reality.

Amazon initiates new rules regarding reviews, while a common question is answered about the quality of self-published versus traditionally published books.

Janice Hardy and K.M. Weiland talk about tricks, surprises, and honesty in our fiction.

All that, and a little more. Enjoy!

Engaging with Readers on Goodreads by Cynthia Shannon

The Synopsis: Demystifying the Mystery by John Gilstrap

The Dreaded Synopsis—How to Get Started & Why We Need One BEFORE Writing the Book by Kristen Lamb

Storyworld Design: Communication Technologies by Veronica Sicoe

Read It and Bleep: Is Virtual Reality the Future of Storytelling? by Kate Gwynne

Authors Guild Opens Membership to New and Unpublished Writers by Daniel Berkowitz

Amazon’s New Review Rules: What Authors Need to Know by Anne R. Allen

The Difference Between Tricking Your Reader and Surprising Your Reader by Janice Hardy

What is Honest Fiction? by K.M. Weiland

Are Self-Published Books Inferior to Self-Published Books? Answered by Archie D’Cruz





About This Writing Stuff…

About This Writing Stuff was once a weekly feature on my blog until April 2015. As life became increasingly hectic, I was unable to maintain that schedule. I revived it briefly on New Year’s Eve last year and kept it going for about a month or two into 2016 before I again became overwhelmed.

So, let’s try this again. I can’t promise to be consistent, but I’ll do my best.

About This Writing Stuff is a collection of interesting articles from the writing and publishing world. Most are instructional, meant to provide helpful tools for writers. Some are merely news or updates, but all are meant to inform with no bias on my part. In other words, I don’t always agree with every article, but I welcome your feedback and opinions.

This week, we start with a pair of “How To’s” as Patrick Ryan provides excellent advice on the basics of short story writing, and over at Digital Book World, Penny Sansevieri wants to optimize your Goodreads giveaways.

Jami Gold helps to improve your productivity and strengthen the stakes in your story while W.B. Sullivan has something urgent to discuss. Janice Hardy and Candace Robinson offer fuel for your writing while Eileen Cook builds conflict with dialogue.

We then get down to the business of publishing and promotion with James Scott Bell, Anne R. Allen, and Barbara O’Neal.

All that and a little more. Enjoy!

How to Write a Short Story with Clarity and Economy by Patrick Ryan

How to Make the Most of Goodreads Giveaways by Penny Sansevieri

Increasing Our Productivity: Why It’s Not Simple and Strengthening Stakes: It’s Not About Going Big by Jami Gold

6 Ways to Cultivate Urgency That Will Captivate Fiction Readers by W.B. Sullivan

5 Reasons Your Plot Stalled by Janice Hardy via Jody Hedlund

4 Ways to Use Experience to Fuel Your Writing by Candace Robinson

What Authors Need to Know About the Publishing Industry Today by James Scott Bell

Selling Books on Social Media: 4 Steps to Less Wasted Time by Anne R. Allen

Money and the Writer by Barbara O’Neal

I Can’t Believe You Said That–Using Dialogue to Build Conflict by Eileen Cook

Hold On To The Light – SFF Authors and Fans for Mental Wellness by Gail Z. Martin


On Amazon, Goodreads, and Barnes & Noble…

Our new speculative fiction anthology, Elsewhere in the Middle of Eternity will be released on August 1!

In eternity, all stories are timeless.

Visit a dystopian future where the wealthy reside on high-speed trains-or risk certain death…

Board a space station with a team of scientists as they discover a terrifying lifeform on a remote planet…

Join the Army Rangers as they confront the deadly aftermath of a mythical creature in the sands of the Middle East…

Travel to Ireland where an ancient artifact regenerates severed limbs while healing old family wounds…

Hit the beach with two teenagers as they track down the owner of a mysterious bracelet and find the true meaning of love…

Journey from Earth to the stars with your tour guides Daniel Patrick Corcoran, Michael Critzer, Phil Giunta, Melissa Carta Miller, Susanna Reilly, Stuart S. Roth, April Welles, Steven H. Wilson, and Lance Woods. Cover art by Michael Riehl.

All aboard as we take you Elsewhere in the Middle of Eternity!

Click here to see it on Goodreads

Click here to see it on Amazon

Click here to see it on Barnes and Noble

Elsewhere in the Middle of Eternity

About This Writing Stuff…

This week, Kristen Lamb wants all artists–especially burgeoning writers–to be PAID for their work instead of being promised “exposure” by those who would take advantage.

A.S. Winchester would like to remind us that writing is hard work while Jan Yager and James Scott Bell offer advice on how get the job done. Conversely, Jordan Dane explores roadblocks to progress. Are you ever “too old” to start writing? Keith Cronin doesn’t think so!

Questions about branding? Joe Moore has some answers.  Want to run a Goodreads giveaway? Let Cynthia help. Robyn LaRue begins a series on depicting accurate crime scenes and Jo Eberhardt believes in supporting characters.

All that, and a little more. Enjoy!

A Culture Addicted to FREE–How FREE is Poisoning the Internet and Killing the Creatives by Kristen Lamb

Writers Are Not Lazy! by A.S. Winchester

How to Overcome Your Procrastination and Finish Writing Your Book – Part One by Jan Yager

My Top 12 Most Common Obstacles a Writer Faces by Jordan Dane

What’s Your Brand? by Joe Moore

The Ten Events of the Highly Successful Writer by James Scott Bell

Crime Scenes for Writers: Introduction by Robyn LaRue

Filling the Silence by Donald Maass

Too Late to Start Writing? by Keith Cronin

Culture Shock: A Window to World-Building by Gaëtane Burkolter

Writing Supporting Characters that Matter by Jo Eberhardt

Five Tips for Running a Giveaway on Goodreads by Cynthia

Please note that this weekly collection might be placed on hiatus yet again compliments of an overwhelming workload both at my day job and, happily, in my writing life. If this occurs, it will only last perhaps a month.

I am working with my publisher, Firebringer Press, to release volume two of our Middle of Eternity anthology series by July. The first volume, Somewhere in the Middle of Eternity was released in 2014.

Further, my paranormal mystery novella, Like Mother, Like Daughters will be released in both ebook and audio formats later this year. The audio will be recorded by yours truly so I expect that shall cause another blogging hiatus down the line.

However, I promise it shall not be a yearlong absence as in 2015. I do enjoy culling these articles from the interwebs and presenting them to you in the hope that you find them as educational and enlightening as I.