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October Signing at Moravian Book Shop!

As October rapidly approaches, just wanted to send out a reminder about our double book signing at Moravian Book Shop in Bethlehem, PA on Saturday, October 15 from 1-3PM.
In addition to myself, fellow anthology authors Melissa Carta Miller, Stuart Roth, and Susanna Reilly will be there to sign copies of volumes one and two of our Middle of Eternity speculative fiction series.
We appreciate your support of independent and small press authors!
Middle of Eternity Covers

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Our new speculative fiction anthology, Elsewhere in the Middle of Eternity will be released on August 1!

In eternity, all stories are timeless.

Visit a dystopian future where the wealthy reside on high-speed trains-or risk certain death…

Board a space station with a team of scientists as they discover a terrifying lifeform on a remote planet…

Join the Army Rangers as they confront the deadly aftermath of a mythical creature in the sands of the Middle East…

Travel to Ireland where an ancient artifact regenerates severed limbs while healing old family wounds…

Hit the beach with two teenagers as they track down the owner of a mysterious bracelet and find the true meaning of love…

Journey from Earth to the stars with your tour guides Daniel Patrick Corcoran, Michael Critzer, Phil Giunta, Melissa Carta Miller, Susanna Reilly, Stuart S. Roth, April Welles, Steven H. Wilson, and Lance Woods. Cover art by Michael Riehl.

All aboard as we take you Elsewhere in the Middle of Eternity!

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Elsewhere in the Middle of Eternity

Two Weeks Until Launch!

I believe I speak for our entire cadre of writers when I say that we cannot wait for the upcoming launch of our new speculative fiction anthology, Elsewhere in the Middle of Eternity!

The blessed event will occur during the Meet the Pros book fair at Shore Leave 38 in Hunt Valley, MD on Friday, July 15. Many of the august writers involved have been attending Shore Leave for decades before earning their place as writer guests.

THANK YOU to all who supported the Kickstarter to finance this second installment in our Middle of Eternity series! We hope everyone will enjoy this latest selection of stories from burgeoning writers in the genres of SF, Fantasy, and the Paranormal including Daniel Patrick Corcoran, Michael Critzer, Melissa Carta Miller, Susanna Reilly, Stuart Roth, April Welles, Steven H. Wilson, Lance Woods, and yours truly!

More updates to follow!

Elsewhere in the Middle of Eternity

All Aboard for a Train Ride Through Eternity!

Ladies and gentlemen! All aboard for a train ride through eternity with your tour guides Daniel Patrick Corcoran, Michael Critzer, Phil Giunta, Melissa Carta Miller, Susanna Reilly, Stuart Roth, April Nikita Welles, Steven H. Wilson, and Lance Woods.

The cover to our new speculative fiction anthology, Elsewhere in the Middle of Eternity, is finished and copies of the book will be available at Shore Leave 38 in July! Soon after, it will be available as a trade paperback and ebook from  Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes and Noble’s website, and a myriad of other online booksellers. Deepest thanks to Michael Riehl for his fantastic artwork and to Chris Winner for brilliant layout!

Publisher: Firebringer Press

Elsewhere in the Middle of Eternity

Melissa Carta Miller Brings Timeless Romance to the Middle of Eternity

We’re less than two months away from the release of our new anthology, Elsewhere in the Middle of Eternity. If you have contributed to our Kickstarter campaign to help fund our publication, thank you so much!

If not, please click here for more information about our anthology and the various reward levels we’re offering. Thank you for supporting small presses and independent writers!

Over the next month, I’d like to take the time to introduce you to our storytellers through this semi-weekly author interview series, starting with Melissa Carta Miller.

Melissa Carta Miller

Melissa has been writing as far back as she can remember. Her childhood stories often included a dying princess and a unicorn or a dragon, eventually she moved on to poetry, short stories, and personal essays.  After receiving a degree in Art History from Moravian College, she lived in Alaska, learning to train sled dogs for distance races with her long-time hero, Susan Butcher.  When she returned to the Northeast, she worked for sprint musher, Rob Downey, for seven years, helping train racing teams, taking care of pups, and spoiling the elder dogs.  She retired from sled dog work when her daughter, Charlotte (yes, Melissa is a Brontë fan), was born, shifting her focus to parenting and writing, somehow managing to write a novel while nursing a newborn. She traveled to China to adopt her daughter, Iris, and can’t remember the first six months of keeping up with two smart, funny, mischievous little girls.  Melissa focuses on novels for adults now, though in the past she has written YA fiction. Two of her personal essays on international adoption were published with the highly popular online magazine Babble.com. Presently she is juggling two novels and a memoir-esque book about her dog sledding days, woven with the story of her mother, who is in the process of rapidly losing her memory. She is actively querying agents for her finished novel, Sycamore, which was inspired by her favorite artist Andrew Wyeth’s 200 pieces devoted to his model Helga Testorf.

It’s exciting to have a new player join our game! Between you and fellow scribe Sue Reilly, the Middle of Eternity has become a bit more romantic. What was the inspiration behind “Selchidh”?

First of all, thank you for asking me to join the group! I’m both honored and excited. You nailed it, I am an unapologetic romantic, so I tend to write about relationships, but I lean toward stories and characters that break your heart a bit. I love it when I get to the end of a book and I slam it shut because it hasn’t ended the way I wanted it to … or, like when I finished Cold Mountain, I am weeping. The stories of selkies, seals that can shed their skin and become human, are rich with the element of love lost or separation by time. If a man falls in love with a selkie woman and finds her hidden skin, she is bound to him (happily so, but always with a sense of slight melancholy). However, if the woman finds her skin, she immediately goes back to the sea, never to return. I have a strong tie to my Irish roots and, though selkies are more often a Scottish myth, there are selkie stories from Ireland as well. That’s where I see this story happening — on a cliff by the sea in Ireland.

Do you have any works-in-progress that you would like to tell us about?

I do … I actually have three books vying for my attention right now. Two novels, very different in nature, and a memoir-ish book about my time as a sled dog handler in Alaska, which has wound through it the story of my mother, who is rapidly losing her memory. We are very close and she has always been my biggest cheerleader, whatever I put my mind to. Losing her slowly is devastating. Writing about her and the things she taught me, has helped me work through some of the grief that comes with this sort of situation. So it’s a bit of beauty, laughter, fun, hard work, love, anger, and healing all in one. I’m also querying agents for a finished novel I have ready to go (fingers crossed). It was inspired by the over 200 paintings and drawings artist Andrew Wyeth created of his model, Helga Testorf. It is a very different story, however — the artist is Dutch, the model twenty years his junior, both fiery in their own temperaments. The intimacy of sitting as a model for a well-known painter eventually leads to a physical relationship, which is severely tested by the release of a body of work that exposes Erin, the main character, to an unwanted and unexpected spotlight. In addition, there’s a something devastating that Jacob, the artist, has been hiding from her.

Are there any genres that you have not yet explored as a storyteller, but have piqued your curiosity?

Hmm. I love science fiction, two of my absolute favorite books are the Sparrow and the Doomsday Book, and as a kid ate up Madeline L’Engle’s books, but I never have written in the genre. I see it as incredibly daunting to create worlds, planets, races, languages. I don’t know if I’d delve into sci-fi, but I am enticed to try my hand at the supernatural. I have a story I was working on for this anthology that is rather shivery-up-the-spine, but I didn’t get it quite tied up in time.

What does Melissa Carta Miller do when she isn’t writing?

Oh, my gosh. I’m kind of a whirlwind! I am the mother of two children, who suddenly have become young women, and I’m devoted to my dogs Alice and Nell. I love reading — there are literally 32 books beside my bed (I just counted). My special affinity is for classic literature, of all types, but especially American and British. I’m a knitter, particularly of socks, and a birdwatcher. I would travel far and wide, if ever one of my books hit it big time. I’ve been to Montreal, England, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, and three provinces in China. Music is a huge part of my life and songs often help me write scenes in my head as I’m driving my car. I have a bad habit of literally writing and driving, despite admonishments from loved ones. The band I listen to most right now is the Avett Brothers. It becomes a bit of a thing, when you like the Avetts. Somewhere along the line, we became known as the Avett Nation. My taste in music runs wide, however. I also love movies (except silly comedies or unrealistic romantic comedies) and would be very hard pressed to pick a favorite. When I was little (it was 1976, so I was three) I saw tall ships for the first time and have been enamored with them ever since. One of the books I’m working on now has a main character who is building herself a sailboat and the research for it has been fascinating. If I can do anything to help someone, a group of people, or animals I will do it. Though I’m a serious introvert, who would prefer to hide in the woods, I have a beautiful group of tight-knit friends whom I love dearly and with whom I drink coffee, write, laugh, talk for hours, am inspired by, and am supported by. I try my best to support them as well. My husband and I are like the yin and yang of each other — it’s actually pretty comical. I knew the night we met that I would marry him. Told you I was a romantic.


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