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After Action Report: Philly Non-Sport Card Show

Some excellent finds at the Philly Non-Sports Card Show at the Merchants Square Mall in Allentown today. Two ADPAC Star Wars stickers from 1977 as found in General Mills cereals in Canada at the time, a three-sticker strip from Superman III as found in boxes of Ziploc bags in 1982, and a new 12×18 poster from Topps of the bounty hunters from Star Wars.

Always great to see super talented artist pal Laura Inglis whose art graces the covers of my novels Testing the Prisoner and By Your Side. Laura also recently completed the cover art for my upcoming novella, Like Mother, Like Daughters.

Star Wars Bounty Hunter Poster by Topps Trading Cards

Star Wars ADPAC Stickers

Superman III Ziploc Stickers

After Action Report: River Reads 2017

Gloomy skies and humid summer temperatures did little to diminish our spirits at the second annual River Reads Book Fair at Prallsville Mill in Stockton, NJ this past Sunday.

Over 40 writers were on hand, selling and singing copies of their books including organizer Brandi Megan Granett and returning participants Kathryn Craft, Kelly Simmons, Kerry Gans, and others. Among the new faces this year were Aaron Rosenberg and Russ Colchamiro from Crazy 8 Press, Heather Hutsell, Carol L. Wright from the Bethlehem Writers Group, and fellow Greater Lehigh Valley Writers Group member, Christopher Ochs.

While the crowd was a bit thinner than the previous year’s event—and I sold only one book—the time spent with friends and fellow writers was absolutely worth the trip!

My Table at River Reads

Russ, Aaron, and Heather at River Reads 2017

Carol L. Wright & Christopher Ochs at River Reads 2017

Russ, Aaron, Phil, and Heather at River Reads 2017

Russ Colchamiro & Aaron Rosenberg at River Reads 2017



Afternoon at the Zoo

On more than one occasion this year, my wife and I had discussed visiting the Lehigh Valley Zoo since the arrival of Murphy the Giraffe. However, with the constant stream of disruptions that nearly consumed my summer, we could not make the time for it until this weekend—which also happens to be our anniversary.

I took comfort in the fact that summer has not yet left us, despite cooler weather moving in at the end of August. Today, we hit 81F degrees and I loved every perspiration-inducing minute of it. Of course, this meant that several of the animals decided to find a shady corner of their residences and curl up for a nap, but we were not disappointed by those that were active including:

  • African Penguins
  • African Spurred Tortoise
  • Alpacas
  • Auodads
  • Axolotl (in the reptile and amphibian house)
  • Black and White Swans
  • Blue Heron (a recurring visitor to the zoo)
  • Chuckwalla
  • Gila Monster
  • Camels
  • Zebras
  • Murphy the Giraffe (the zoo’s newest attraction)
  • Ostriches and Emus
  • Scimitar-Horned Oryx
  • Mexican Gray Wolf
  • Cocatoos, Lories, and Lorikeets in the bird habitat
  • Laughing Kookaburra
  • … and more!


African Penguin

African Penguin African Penguins  African Spurred Tortoise Alpaca Aoudad Axolotl Black Swan Camels in the shade Chuckwalla Cockatoo Desert Iguana EmuOstrich Murphy the Giraffe Murphy the Giraffe

Murphy the GiraffeBlue Heron White Swan Kangaroo Laughing KookaburraRed Lory

Lorikeet and Red Lory



Mexican Gray WolfScimitar-Horned Oryx

West African Dwarf Crocodile




A Visit to the Toy Robot Museum

My wife and I had a fantastic time at the Toy Robot Museum in Adamstown, PA with friend and former colleague, Dan Torok and his daughter.

It’s always a blast to hang out with museum curator Joe Knedlhans and see the latest additions to the museum. What’s more, Joe gave me an awesome birthday gift: A rare 1978 Metropolis Souvenir Magazine from Japan with English translation by Forrest J. Ackerman. The entire thing unfolds to a black and white poster of Maria the robot from this classic silent film.

We also enjoyed several hours of antiquing along Route 272 at Renninger’s Antique Mall and the German Trading Post. There are, of course, about a dozen more antique shops there that I’ve been to before, but we ran out of time to visit them all today. Some of my favorite shops include The Mad Hatter, Mother Tuckers, 272 Antiques, and the Antique Co-Op. I’ll probably get out there again closer to the holidays.

 AlphaBot Wooden Robots Twiki and Company Robots on Display! R2-D2 Toy Chest Star Wars Display Rockem Sockem Robots Robots on Display! Robots on Display! Robots on Display! Robots on Display! Robots Galore Remote Control Robots Robot Movie Posters Maria from Metropolis Little Bots Japanese Robots Japanese Robots Gort and Company Robot Display Cases Daleks Robot Display Case ClimbTron Robots BotStock Robots

River Reads Returns!

River Reads will be returning to Prallsville Mills on October 15, 2017 from 10 to 4 PM. Join us for a day of books, local authors for all ages, Bonjour Creperie, Unionville Vineyards, and Lulu’s Rescue!

We will also be holding River Writes–4 Writing Seminars on Turning Real Life into Fiction, World Building, Self Publishing, Character Development. Each seminar will be $12 per person or $40 for all four. Each hour long session will be capped at 20 participants. Stay tuned for sign up information!

Check Facebook for more information on River Reads 2017!

River Reads 2017