Book Review: Michael Critzer’s Heroic Inspirations

By referencing the backstories and motivations of thirty comic book superheroes, Michael Critzer offers life lessons ranging from overcoming the pain of abuse to conquering self-doubt, from finding the strength to forgive to searching one’s soul for one’s true identity.

Do not mistake such comparisons between fantasy and reality as trivial. I was surprised by how many of them struck a chord in my own life and forced me to pause and consider not only how I managed to survive the darkness of my past tribulations and ordeals, but the scars those experiences inflicted on my conscience and personality.

Yet while the weight of our emotional baggage might always remain with us, we find ourselves becoming stronger when we learn to control and use our pain as a source of wisdom and compassion rather than as an excuse for bitterness, rage, and selfishness. We can rise above.

Such are the lessons taught by the likes of Superman, Wonder Woman, Batgirl, Daredevil, Spider Man, Vixen, X-Men, Green Arrow, and so many more. Heroic Inspirations is not only an edifying and joyful read, but obvious proof of Michael Critzer’s expertise on the mythology of superheroes and his ability to translate them into practical moral instruction.