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End of Year Ebook Sale!

Now through January 1, you can buy ebook versions of all three of my novels and both Middle of Eternity anthologies for 50% – 75% off on Smashwords. Just click the links below and use code SEY50 or SEY75 at checkout. Thank you for your supporting small press authors and have a wonderful New Year!

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Steven H. Wilson and I have ten days to go in our Kickstarter campaign to fund the publication of our double horror novella, which includes Steve’s vampire tale, FREEDOM’S BLOOD and my paranormal mystery, LIKE MOTHER, LIKE DAUGHTERS featuring Miranda Lorensen (from my novels By Your Side and Testing the Prisoner).

The book will be formatted in the style of the classic ACE Doubles where you read one story, then flip the book over to read the other.

Each week during the campaign, we’ve posted excerpts from both novellas over on the Firebringer Press website. For the past three weeks, we presented the opening scenes from LIKE MOTHER, LIKE DAUGHTERS and FREEDOM’S BLOOD.

Our most recent updates provide excerpts from two of the books we’re offering as rewards: my second novel, BY YOUR SIDE, and Steven’s fantasy story, “Don’t Go In the Barn, Johnny!” from SOMEWHERE IN THE MIDDLE OF ETERNITY.

We hope you enjoy these story samples and will consider donating to our campaign so we can bring you this exciting new double novel!

Spring Loaded!

May is nearly over and this is only my third blog post of the month. I’m not sure where the time is going, only that it’s passing with frightening speed. The past four weeks have handed me healthy portions of success and failure. I’ll begin with the latter. A network switch upgrade at work—that had been postponed three times for reasons beyond my control—was finally scheduled for Sunday, May 20, but came to a screeching halt when we discovered a problem with fiber cabling. We’re having that problem corrected now and will reschedule the upgrade for another Sunday in June or July.

Just before Memorial Day, I received notice that a short story I’d submitted to a contest had been rejected. Such is the writing life. I took Honorable Mention in this same contest in 2017. I was disappointed, but that didn’t linger very long because my local writers group is preparing to publish their next anthology in 2019 with the theme of Rewriting the Past. This story happens to fit that theme. In fact, I have two stories that deal with altering the recent past in some way. Hopefully, one of them will be accepted.

On a brighter note, I managed to add about 4,000 words and two chapters to my SF novel-in-progress during the month. Over Memorial Day weekend, I also recorded my second Kickstarter video since April. This one was for the third volume of the Middle of Eternity speculative fiction anthology series that I created and edited for Firebringer Press. It will be called Meanwhile in the Middle of Eternity and will probably see publication in early 2019. I’ve talked about this series extensively in previous blog posts so I won’t keep blabbing about it here. If you’re interested, you can check out the first two volumes on Amazon or Goodreads by clicking on the titles here: Somewhere in the Middle of Eternity and Elsewhere in the Middle of Eternity.

The previous Kickstarter video I recorded in April was for another upcoming book that I’ve also discussed here before. This will be a double-novella that will combine a vampire story called Freedom’s Blood by Steven H. Wilson and my paranormal mystery, Like Mother, Like Daughters, in the format of the old ACE Doubles (read one story, flip the book over to read the other). I hope to see that book released this fall.

I also managed to submit a supernatural tale to an open call for an anthology titled Beach Pulp, to be published by Delaware-based Cat and Mouse Press later this year or early next. I worked with Cat and Mouse previously when my short story, “Tower Sixteen” won second place in their 2016 contest and was published in the anthology Beach Nights.

Lastly, I attended a number of training sessions this spring as a volunteer for the Lehigh County Community Emergency Response Team (CERT). These sessions included CPR/First Aid, Missing Person Search and Rescue, Fire Suppression and sizing up a hazardous scene, Simple Triage and Rapid Treatment (START), and leveraging and cribbing to extract a victim from beneath large debris. Learning new skills, making new friends, and accumulating helpful new emergency gear from flashlights and first-aid kits to tools and tourniquets.

Add to the above yard work, spring cleaning, and minor home improvements and it’s no wonder that time flew by. I hope to get out on the water again with rod and reel come June. I haven’t been fishing since mid-April and that’s a problem for me!

Blogging Takes a Back Seat…

The tenth of May had to arrive before I realized that I had not yet written a blog post this month. Several reasons for this, some of which I’ve mentioned here previously.

First, my priority has been a science fiction novel that has seen sporadic progress since 2016. It became one of those projects I worked in between writing  a novella, editing two anthologies, and writing about eight or nine short stories. Over the past month, I’ve been focusing more of my writing time on the novel, rewriting parts of the outline and troubleshooting problems in the pacing and plot of the first draft, which is only about 70% finished. Truth be told, since writing the outline and the first eleven chapters over the past two years, I didn’t like where the story was going. Better ideas developed during my time away from the project, but now I’m back on track.

On top of this, I recently received gorgeous cover art for the third volume of a speculative fiction series that I created and edited for Firebringer Press. The Middle of Eternity anthologies, as mentioned here many times, began in 2014 with Somewhere in the Middle of Eternity and continued in 2016 with Elsewhere in the Middle of Eternity.  Each book offers over a dozen stories in the SF, fantasy, and paranormal genres written mostly by emerging writers. For some, this series marks the first publication in their careers. That was my goal when I pitched the idea to Firebringer Press. Fortunately, Firebringer is owned by fellow scribe Steven H. Wilson who has shown much generosity in helping creatives find an outlet for their work.

The next book, Meanwhile in the Middle of Eternity will probably hit the market in 2019 since my publisher and I are planning to release a “double-novella” later this year in the format of the old ACE doubles from the 1950s through there 1970s. Read one story, flip the book over to read the other. I just recorded the Kickstarter video for this in mid-April. I hope to see the campaign go live later this month.

Of course, now that spring has decided to make an appearance in my part of the country, lawn work and spring cleaning have been consuming what time I might have used for promotion and blogging. Most of the heavy work is done, but there are a few home improvement projects on the horizon this summer… as always.

So blogging might be sporadic over the next few months. I have another Kickstarter video to record for Meanwhile in the Middle of Eternity and I hope to finish the first draft of my SF novel by September at the latest so that when I attend the Mindful Writers Retreat in October, I can start hammering away at the second draft.

As they say, though, if you want to make God laugh, tell Him your plans.

Exhausted, But Still Here…

Howdy, folks. Hope all is well on your end of the galaxy. I haven’t been as active on the blog this month for several reasons, some good, some not.

Over the past few months, I’ve been working six—sometimes seven—days a week at my FT job while trying to balance health, writing, and home responsibilities. As you might imagine, this led to exhaustion. Exhaustion then escalated to burnout. Burnout exacerbated depression. The results were not pleasant… and it ain’t over yet. At least two more long weeks are on tap for May.

In between all of that, I managed to record a short video that will accompany the upcoming Kickstarter campaign to publish my paranormal novella, Like Mother, Like Daughters, starring Miranda Lorensen, my single mom, psychic-medium, paranormal investigator featured in my first two novels. I’ve been discussing this book quite a bit here on the blog. Look for the Kickstarter to launch in the next month or two.

I’ve also been reworking the first draft of a science fiction novel that has been in progress since 2016. It’s the most challenging and research-intensive story I’ve ever written. I’m well outside my comfort zone, dealing with everything from spaceship propulsion, exoplanets, wormhole theory, exotic matter, and more while also creating a future Earth that is on the brink of dystopia.

Next month, I’ll be recording another Kickstarter video—this one for volume three of my Middle of Eternity speculative fiction anthology series that began in 2014 with Somewhere in the Middle of Eternity and continued in 2016 with Elsewhere in the Middle of Eternity. The third installment will be titled Meanwhile in the Middle of Eternity. Most of the contributing authors from books one and two will return, to be joined by six new voices, all offering yet more imaginative tales of SF, fantasy, and the paranormal. More details coming soon!

For now, I leave you with Snoopy, confronting a problem faced by every writer!

Snoopy Writers Block


Psychics and Ghosts and Vampires… Oh My!

I glanced at the calendar in the left sidebar of my website today and realized I had not yet written a blog post in April—but not without good reasons.

Near the end of March, I drafted project plans for the next two books I’m releasing with writer pal Steven H. Wilson through his publishing imprint, Firebringer Press. Both of these books will, hopefully, be crowdfunded via Kickstarter.

Like Mother, Like Daughters Book CoverFirst up will be a paranormal mystery novella, Like Mother, Like Daughters starring Miranda Lorensen, paranormal investigator, psychic medium, and single mom from my novels Testing the Prisoner and By Your Side. This time, she’s bringing her daughter…

After Andrea Lorensen’s lover is found murdered during a paranormal investigation, she is determined to find the killer—with some help from her lover’s ghost. Meanwhile, her mother Miranda travels to Salem, Massachusetts where she reunites with the spirit of a teenage girl executed for witchcraft in 1692. This time, however, the encounter reveals an astonishing truth about Miranda’s past life—a truth that could kill her. 

Like Mother, Like Daughters will be paired up with Steve’s vampire novella, Freedom’s Blood

You’re a vampire, but you have an unyielding belief in the sanctity of the individual’s rights. How do you survive, if you can’t take blood without permission? And what do you do when someone offers you his blood… with strings attached? This humorous tale explores the ethics of being a vampire—or even just a creature that’s gotta eat—against the background of a developing America. Starting out in Colonial Maryland and carrying on through the 21st Century, “Freedom’s Blood” will perhaps amuse, perhaps enrage, and will certainly introduce you to a vampire like none you’ve ever encountered. 

We intend to release the book in the format of the old ACE Doubles where you read one story, flip the book over, then read the other.

Somewhere in the Middle of EternityAfter we recover from that, Steve and I will produce the third volume in our Middle of Eternity speculative fiction anthology series that began in 2014 with Somewhere in the Middle of Eternity and continued in 2016 with Elsewhere in the Middle of Eternity. Almost all of the stories and interior illustrations for book three are finished and the cover art is in progress.

In addition to our returning writers Steven H. Wilson, Stuart S. Roth, Susanna Reilly, Michael Critzer, Lance Woods, April Welles and myself, we will be joined by Julie Fedon, Christopher Ochs, Bart Palamaro, Sean Druelinger, and Peter Ong.

To take the pressure off of artist Mike Riehl, who not only produced the covers to the previous volumes but all of the interior illustrations, we brought aboard artists Laura Inglis and Tim Marrron. It should be noted that both Julie Fedon and Christopher Ochs illustrated their own stories.

Look for more details  about both books in the coming months!