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Fan Fiction – Week XVI – “Star Wars: Pursuit of Force” Part II

In our second act, Luke Skywalker encounters the enigmatic Jianna Droxx on the planet Steruub—just before the Empire arrives. Meanwhile, Han Solo departs for Ord Mantell with two Alliance Intelligence agents to broker a black market deal for the Rebellion…

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Fan Fiction – Week XV – “Star Wars: Pursuit of Force”

My first and only Star Wars fan fic was written in 1997, six years after Timothy Zahn’s trilogy of novels (beginning with Heir to the Empire) reinvigorated the Expanded Universe and two years before the dreadful prequels began.

However, the only background material I used for “Pursuit of Force” was what we learned in the original trilogy of films. I wondered what might have occurred in the time between A New Hope (ANH) and The Empire Strikes Back (TESB) without referencing any novels or short stories that might have addressed this at the time.

In TESB, while at the Rebel base on Hoth, Han Solo makes an offhanded comment to Leia about encountering a bounty hunter on the planet Ord Mantell. What was that about? Why did Han go there between Yavin and Hoth?  What of Luke? Would he be interested in learning more about Obi-Wan Kenobi and if so, where would his curiosity lead him? Finally, how was Darth Vader rescued and brought back to the Imperial Fleet after his TIE fighter was knocked out of the Death Star trench by the Millennium Falcon?  These questions were much too tantalizing for this young storyteller and avid Star Wars fan to leave unanswered…

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Resurrecting My Fan Fiction

Earlier this year, I took the time to transfer my old fan fiction stories (aka “fan fic”) to Google Drive and, as expected, nostalgia inspired me to reread many of them and reminisce about what I consider my “training ground” as a writer. Are these stories perfect? Of course not. I was still getting my storytelling legs under me, but I recall how much fun and enthusiasm went into penning every one of them.

Beginning in the late 1980s and running through 2002, I wrote about 25 short stories set in the universes of Star Trek, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and others. Unfortunately, I only managed to save about 16 of those stories digitally. First on floppy disks, then a Zip disk, then a CD, and now on my laptop and Google Drive.

Inspired by writer pal and publisher, Steven H. Wilson—who recently began Fan Fiction Fridays on his blog—I thought I’d take this summer to share at least some of my fan fic, beginning with a contest entry I wrote in July 1995 called “Star Trek: A Passion For Peace.”

I hope to post a new story each week to be found under the Free Fiction! menu above. I hope you enjoy these stories.


If You Wait Long Enough, Everything Changes

Have I seen Solo yet? No.
Have I seen Avengers: Infinity War? No.
Have I watched even one second of Star Trek: Discovery? No.
Do I care about any of the above? See first three responses. 
This attitude began with Star Trek: Voyager, but I at least stayed with that show through its seven-year run out of loyalty to Trek. I gave Enterprise a chance, but was bored after two seasons. I wanted to like the Star Wars prequels, but they were abysmal. That’s probably when the seeds of my apathy were planted. 
As a lifelong Star Trek and Star Wars fan, collector, and former fan fic writer, it never occurred to me as a kid that in the future, I would reach a point where I could ignore future installments in these franchises without a second thought, without even a glimmer of curiosity or pang of guilt. 
But if you wait long enough, everything changes.
I know I’ve changed. I’m burned out, dealing with that “malaise of the soul” that a writer friend recently discussed on her blog. I’ve felt this way for nearly a year and not just about movies or fandom, but since that’s the subject of this post, then yes, I am also burned out on the unceasing onslaught of Star Wars and comic books movies (although I enjoyed Rogue One), and remakes/continuations of Star Trek. To me, it’s just Disney, Marvel, CBS, and their kin wringing the fans out of every cent they can get out of them. 
To make matters worse, I see—yet again—an increasing number of posts spewing racism and sexism in Star Wars fandom, this time in the form of disgusting social media attacks on actor Kelly Marie Tran. What a shock. Same thing happened to Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, and others, I’m sure.
Of course, it is no different in Star Trek fandom, a group once renown for its inclusive and all-embracing philosophy. Over the past decade, I watched that deteriorate. This is part of the reason why I decided, over the past few years, to keep fandom at arm’s length and cut back on convention attendance. I don’t bother posting to, or even reading, fandom groups on social media. I have no time for that level of inane, petulant hatred, racism, sexism, nationalism, and all of the other chauvinisms that have infiltrated and corroded a fandom I once loved, a fandom in which I once felt liberated from these ills. This, too, has contributed to my now flourishing apathy. I should have realized, even in my youthful naivety, that nothing good lasts forever.
If you wait long enough, everything changes.

After Action Report: Chiller Theatre

The interminable rain did nothing to dampen our spirits at the semi-annual Chiller Theatre convention in Parsippany, NJ today. I drove to the con with long time friend, Kevin Miles.

As usual, nearly 100 celebrities turned out, but there were only three on my list and one (Ed Begley, Jr.) cancelled just two days prior. Still, my main reason for attending was Michael Des Barres, perhaps best known as Murdoc, the charismatic, eccentric assassin on the original MacGyver, and Lou Diamond Phillips who requires no introduction, but is currently starring in the hit  TV series Longmire.

I also managed to snag up two more Star Wars figures I’d been looking to add to my collection. We finished the day with lunch at the Clinton Station Diner on the way home.

Phil with Lou Diamond Phillips at Chiller Theatre

Phil with Michael Des Barres at Chiller Theatre

Richard Dean Anderson and Michael Des Barres

Star Wars Black Box Lando Calrissian and Jedi Master Luke Skywalker