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This week on the blog, we begin with the importance of downtime —  in an age that constantly pushes us to the brink of burnout — and we end with the notion of writing as a release from stress.

In between, Kristen Lamb takes us spearfishing to find that perfect catch (reader) and reminds us that drudgery builds success. Dave Chesson guides us through several Goodreads features that might prove useful in promoting your book… if you don’t mind the trolls.

Over at Writer Unboxed, Jim Dempsey offers tips to help you work through problems in your story and  Rheea Mukherjee provides ideas for bringing authenticity to characters with different skills and capabilities than their creators.

In the Kill Zone, Jordan Dane teaches us to tap into our waking dreams in order to enhance creativity while James Scott Bell channels Bryan Cranston. Enjoy!

The Compelling Case for Working A Lot Less by Amanda Ruggeri

How to Sell More Books: A Tale of Fishing and Catfishing by Kristen Lamb

Drudgery: What Separates Those Who Dream from Those Who Do by Kristen Lamb

The Mystery of the Hardy Boys and the Invisible Authors by Daniel A. Gross

How to Use Keywords to Attract the Most Visitors to Your Website by StatCounter

The Ultimate Guide to Goodreads for Authors by Dave Chesson

Fiction Therapy—What’s Your Story’s Problem? by Jim Dempsey

Writing Characters That Are ‘Smarter’ Than You by Rheea Mukherjee

What Bryan Cranston Can Teach Writers by James Scott Bell

Can Hypnagogia Improve Your Fiction Writing?  by Jordan Dane

Tolkien and Combat Stress: Writing as Release by Angry Staff Officer


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